Grant Policies

In light of COVID-19, we are currently evaluating our grantmaking strategy and will be accepting Simplified and Initiative Grant Requests by invitation only.

Simplified Grants ($25,000 maximum)

Have a project that’s ready to roll? This grant category is offered to qualifying non-profit organizations that have a health-related project ready to activate in the district. These grants are awarded on a rolling basis and are limited to one grant request per applicant, per year, by invitation only.

Initiative Grants  ($250,000 maximum)

This grant category allows us to fund qualifying non-profit organizations with larger goals within a specific area of need identified in the District. We award this grant during the fall and like Simplified Grants, Initiative Grants are limited to one grant request per applicant, per year, by invitation only.


The Process

Our complete grant application process is managed electronically through this website. After the closing date, we review all applications and contact the applicant by mail/email if we need further information or clarification.

Once the applications have been screened by our staff, they are reviewed by our Community Health Benefits Committee, which makes a recommendation to our Board of Trustees. Once a decision has been made, the applicant will be notified via mail/e-mail.

The process takes a minimum of three months from the date of submission or closing date. During that period of time, all questions should be directed to

Upon notice of award, the District and “grantee” must enter into a grant agreement. The Grant Agreement will include:

  • A description of the project
  • The District’s commitment, outlining the Grant award and payment parameters of the grant funds
  • The Grantee’s commitments outlining the outcomes, timing and reporting requirements

When the agreement has been fully executed, work may begin.

All Publicity should be coordinated with the District staff and authorized in advance.


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