Drunken Rewind

Changing attitudes and behaviors starts with changing knowledge – and this requires an attentive audience. To get the attention of a notoriously difficult audience to reach with public health messages, PGP developed an animated digital series that was tailored and targeted to the campaign’s priority audience, young adult white males. A new episode was released monthly, with evidence-based harm reduction messages incorporated into humorous animation designed to appeal specifically to the young men most at risk of binge drinking.

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Video Views


Viewer Retention Rate


Drunken Rewind successfully proved it is able to reach this hard-to-reach audience and engage their attention. Over three years, the campaign’s 1-3 minute YouTube episodes had a viewer retention average of nearly 73%. During this time, viewers were exposed to between 3-6 health promotion messages about drinking, including relevant consequences of over-consumption and tips to avoid getting too drunk.

Annual evaluations revealed the following:

  • By year 3, 37.7% of west Orange respondents and 63.3% of the target audience were aware of Drunken Rewind. Of respondents who reported exposure to the campaign:
    • 90.3% found the videos relatable
    • 90.3% felt they provided useful information
    • 87.1% felt the videos made them more aware of their drinking habits
  • Although COVID impacted Year 3 results, from Baseline to Year 2, there was a significant increase in those who perceive having one to two alcoholic beverages every day to be risky (Baseline 31.0%; Year 1 60.0%; Year 2 60.0%).
  • At Year 2, respondents in who were aware of the campaign showed significantly higher intentions to drink less often (65.4% Aware of campaign; 51.6% Not aware of campaign)
  • At Year 2, respondents in who were aware of the campaign showed significantly higher intentions to drink fewer drinks on one occasion (67.9% Aware of campaign; 64.6% Not aware of campaign)